Comments of the Week: Endless GUTS bus rides and sexy reality stars

Campus news has been slow these past few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped commenters from finding something to be angry about. Since our last comments of the week, Vox reported on the extended GUTS bus route and let… Read More

Former Hoya sex columnist, Julia Allison, stars in Bravo’s Miss Advised

From Bradley Cooper’s chiseled physique to Bill Clinton’s infamous intern activities, Georgetown alumni certainly have a reputation for sex. Enter Julia Allison (COL ’04). Sexy and smart, this blogger, former Time Out New York columnist, and all-around media… Read More

On the Record with Julia Allison, certified internet celebrity and the original Hoya sex columnist

Julia Allison in Tombs It’s a bit of a challenge to describe dating columnist and alumna Julia Allison (COL `04) to anyone who isn’t already familiar with her micro-celebrity—perhaps because no two followers’ characterization of her are alike. … Read More