Just the Tip: Itchy Butts

Hi yes hello, I have been doing research on consumer reports lately, but they just don’t have the information I need. Which toilet paper should I buy to keep the forest fire between my ass cheeks contained? Sincerely, my… Read More

Just the Tip: Go to Rangila, see Parth’s gyrating hips

Dear Connor, Should I go to Rangila? Is it really that good? Spanks, Slightly Bigoted Dear Slightly Bigoted, Take that bigotry and throw it in the dumpster, there’s no room for that at a prestigious university like Georgetown…. Read More

Just the Tip: The great bagel caper

Dear Connor, I have something of a moral dilemma. Meal swipes at Einstein’s Bagels get you a fruit cup or yogurt, a piece of fruit, and a drink. That’s fucking ridiculous. My meal swipe is worth about $14… Read More

Just the Tip: Nothing to hide, nothing to show

Hai Connor, I’m in a terrible spot with Facilities and I want to scream. I put in a work request to have them fix the hinge on my closet door a month ago, and they only came to… Read More

Just the Tip: Run faster, throw farther, think harder

Dear Connor, My team is getting absolutely cleaned up in flag football games. We aren’t fast, tall, smart, or particularly good at throwing and catching a football. I’d like to think we have a lot of heart, but… Read More

Just the Tip: Buy glasses and don’t bother with contacts

Dear Connor, I’ve had this issue where every time I go out… I black out. I’ve tried altering my drinking choices, I’ve started to drink later in the night, and I’ve even tried eating more… but I just… Read More

Just the Tip: Use protection, son

Dear Connor, Dad? Sincerely, Dad Daddy Dear Dad Daddy, No. Assuming that you’re a Georgetown student, you shouldn’t try to become a father this early in your life. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you… Read More

Just the Tip: Save your lungs, save your wallet

Dear Connor, I have been smoking hookah for what seems like an eternity at Zenobia’s. Their lemon mint Al-Fakher is the most soothing form of esophageal respite. Should I stop smoking or somehow smoke more? Thanks, Zenobia’s Dirty… Read More

Just the Tip: Not gonna sugar-coat this one

Dear Connor, I’m a freshman and I’ve already gotten written up. A group of us were pregaming in a dorm and an RA came in and caught us and wrote us up. How bad is that? Should I… Read More

Just the Tip: It’s all downhill from here

Dear Connor,   I’m a freshman and I was at Leo’s all for this first week of classes, and I realized how awful it really is. It’s packed, no one who works there gives a damn, and the… Read More