Uber’s kitten promotion is uber-cute (and socially responsible)

Last week, Uber celebrated National Cat Day in the perfectly: delivering real, live kittens to city-dwelling cat-lovers. This marks the second year in a row that the ride-sharing service has shuttled these cute cats across seven different cities:… Read More

Wikipedia reveals sinister roots of Georgetown’s kitten-killing

When a Burleith listserv user accused Georgetown of killing kittens, Vox and University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille wondered where in the world she got that idea. Well, We Love DC may have found the answer. We Love DC’s… Read More

Georgetown University, cat killer: the Burleith listserv’s horrible “discovery”

Every time you procrastinate, Georgetown kills a kitten. No, but seriously, they do. Here at Georgetown, it’s pretty much a given that the neighbors are going to complain about the University—our buses are too loud, our parties are… Read More