ANC Wrapup: Harassment, crêpes, and Late Night Shots

With everyone’s favorite amateur photog soliciting ANC support, a bi-decennial liquor license moratorium discussion, a Late Night Shots founder pushing for greater leeway for his new restaurant, and a debate about the relative merits of pizza and crepes… Read More

LateNightShots throws a terrible New Year’s Eve party

I went to a house party that looked like that for just $10! Whatever you did for New Year’s Eve, you probably had a better time than if you’d partied with the LateNightShots crew, the preppy, mostly Republican… Read More

Georgetown-centric Blonde Charity Mafia may not air

The Real World D.C.‘s first airdate, December 30, is close at hand—and here’s hoping RWDC has plenty of glam shots of Georgetown, because for now, it looks like that’s it for Georgetown reality show junkies looking to get their fill… Read More

Georgetown-centric “Blonde Charity Mafia” premiere pushed back

Oh, Blonde Charity Mafia, what will our summer be without you? With all the talk about the “Real World” filming in Dupont and the “Real Housewives” series coming to D.C., you may have forgotten about the original D.C.-based… Read More