Flyer in Leavey stairwell protests inaccessibility

An anonymous person posted a snarky and pointed flyer in the Leavey Center stairwell today which points out that the building’s new entrance is not wheelchair accessible. “This area is difficult to traverse for some of your friends… Read More


New Verizon cell tower installed on Leavey Center

Last Friday, Georgetown Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis announced that installation of a new Verizon Wireless cellular tower on the Leavey Center had finished and is now active. The work, which began this past January, improves Verizon’s 4G network… Read More

Administration announces potential delay in Northeast Triangle Dorm, temporary use of Leavey hotel

The University announced Monday that construction of the Northeast Triangle Dorm may be delayed until the fall of 2016, a whole year later than was originally expected. To help fill the gap and meet the 2010 Campus Plan… Read More

How the Leavey Center will become a “spacious Village C”

During the D.C. Zoning Commission’s speedy meeting last Monday, the expansion of the Georgetown Hotel & Conference Center was briefly mentioned in discussions over the campus plan. As part of the revised agreement, the University will house an… Read More

Student Space Forum raises questions, short on answers

Wednesday night, GUSA executives Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL ’12) held a forum to recap this summer’s meetings about the New South Student Center and Leavey Center. Since the updated drawings for the NSSC won’t… Read More

Students envision redesigned Leavey Center

On Wednesday, Brad Lukanic of Cannon Design, led students, architects, and University administrators in a “visioning” of the renovation of the Leavey Center that is to occur over the next two decades. In contrast to the last student… Read More

Vox Talks DOUBLE FEATURE: The Obama Line and Spring Fashion

We felt like being twice as nice this week, so here’s your seconds on videos. President Obama came and spoke, but most of us didn’t see it live in McDonough. Many waited in line, though.

Georgetown receives $6.9 million for the creation of three Catholic programs

The University has announced that it received a $6.9 million gift from the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation to create three new programs related to Georgetown’s Catholic identity. Of the gift, $5 million will go toward permanent support… Read More

Bookstore thief falls off Leavey Center bridge on Sunday in escape attempt

On Sunday, a man who had shoplifted merchandise from the University Bookstore fell off the Leavey Center pedestrian bridge during his attempt to flee the scene. The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon, after the suspect had been… Read More

Students discuss campus space issues with top administrators at recent summit

Because Sellinger just isn’t quite sufficient… The Student Space Working Group—an organization founded in the fall of 2008 to address the lack of study space, social areas, offices for student organizations, and a centralized student center—recently got the… Read More