The Annual BCA Meeting: Out with the old, in with… more of the same

Last night, the Burleith Citizens Association held their annual meeting. Although the meeting was lightly attended, all the notable Burleithers, including outgoing president Lenore Rubino and new president Christopher Clements, were there. And no meeting of the BCA… Read More

Lenore Rubino stepping down as BCA president

Lenore Rubino, president of the Burleith Citizens Association announced [PDF] in the Burleith Bell that she will be stepping down from her position in November after her five-year term. Rubino, who was noted for her opposition to the… Read More

Breaking: the neighbors oppose the Campus Pla… oh wait, nevermind

In a recent joint press release by the Burleith Citizens Association and the Citizens Association of Georgetown, respective presidents Lenore Rubino and Jennifer Altemus remind whomever is listening that they do not like students in their neighborhoods. It’s nice… Read More

ABC 7 reports on “Battleground Burleith,” has fun filming beer cans

In a new broadcast earlier this week, ABC 7 News covered the Burleith neighbors’s push for all students to move onto campus. The segment, which is below, features numerous neighbors making some fairly absurd complaints, with one woman… Read More

Comments of the Week: Please won’t you be… my neighbor

DC Citizen is a conspiracy theorist in the neighborhood: That’s what happens when you don’t pay for your drugs. This was clearly not random. You simply cannot take care of yourselves and GU is in denial. We are… Read More

Campus Plan Update: ANC Special Meeting

Last night, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission held a special meeting to discuss the 2010 Campus Plan. Ed Solomon chaired the meeting because ANC Chairman Ron Lewis was home sick. The first, and longest, topic of the night was… Read More

Campus Plan Update: No need to worry, the neighbors still don’t like us

Last Monday, the Citizens Association of Georgetown hosted a forum to discuss proposed changes to city zoning regulations. The meeting, which filled the Letelier Theater, brought Travis Parker of the D.C. Office of Planning to discuss what will… Read More

Jack Evans chimes in on 2010 campus plan at BCA meeting

Thursday night’s Burleith Citizens Association meeting featured an appearance by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who answered residents’ concerns about Georgetown’s 2010 campus plan. While standing between two of the BCA’s ubiquitous “Our Homes, Not GU’s Dorm” lawn… Read More

BCA, CAG hire consultants, plan to meet with University officials

Last April, the Burleith Citizens Association started soliciting donations for their anti-Campus Plan campaign; five months and $11,000 later, the community group has finally hired zoning and urban planning consultants to help build their case. “As we move… Read More

Burleith Citizens’ Association President wants to remind you that residents don’t hate students

In this week’s edition of “How Burleith Residents Misunderstand the 2010 Campus Plan,” we take a look at Lenore Rubino, President of the Burleith Citizens’ Associations. This gem of a line is from an email Rubino sent out… Read More