Leo’s to get fancy with rustic farmhouse facelift

Remember when Leo’s was aesthetically pleasing? Neither does Vox. However, that is all about to change(?) with the snazzy new redesign plan for Georgetown’s favorite dining hall. Earlier this week, Georgetown Dining tweeted that “Leo’s new look” is… Read More

Georgetown joins online food publication, Spoon University

Yep, that’s the weird little icon so many of your friends have posted online. Last week, Georgetown made its debut on online food publication, Spoon University. Spoon University is a publication for students, by students that connects college campus… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Be healthy, live sustainably in college

It’s important to know that exercising isn’t the only way to maintain good health in college. With cafeteria food being an all-too-convenient source of questionably edible food, or the opposite problem of a plethora of off-campus restaurants with… Read More

Campus workers join students for BBQ on Healy lawn

Last Saturday, amid the frenzy of GAAP weekend and the annual Run for Rigby event, Georgetown’s Grilling Society wasn’t the only group serving burgers and hot dogs in the 85 degree heat. Across from the long lines for… Read More

Unionizing Leo’s workers stage demonstration during lunch hour

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. today, Leo’s workers, who are in the process of negotiating a union contract with Aramark, staged a demonstration on the upper floor of the dining hall. Coinciding with chicken-finger Thursdays and a day when… Read More

Free Food for All: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving break is finally here, a much-needed respite from the stress of classes and an interminably long midterm period. For those of you who can’t escape campus for the next few days, free food is here to help…. Read More

Georgetown ranked #15 for dining, cue resounding “whaaaat?”

With a few notable exceptions, college rankings are usually pretty nice to Georgetown, especially those that rely heavily on nice location and strong academics. But let’s face it, those get a little boring. So when Newsweek and The… Read More

Students push for more gluten-free options

A group of students met in the Alumni Lounge on Monday night, as part of a new movement to offer more gluten-free foods on campus. Approximately 30 students have reported concerns about gluten, a protein that generally appears… Read More