Mark Your Calendars: The Real World casting call is coming up

If you’re looking to hook up on national TV, this is your lucky day! The Real World‘s casting team will be coming to the D.C. and Baltimore area in the next few weeks for a casting call. Vox… Read More

Page 13 reminds us of the warrior that is DinoJack

In this week’s issue of the Voice, DinoJack comes to life through this cartoon by DJ Loose Cannon. Whether or not DinoJack deserves glorification, his presidential excellence sure as hell warrants a shiny trofy. 

Churros and mango salad appear in small plate form at Leo’s

What is this specimen? It’s sugary, it looks like a doughnut, and reminds me of my study abroad  semester in Spain. But  no. Churros at Leo’s. Not possible. Apparently, it’s “Maximum Mexican” day at Leo’s. The last time you were… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Oh you classy, huh?

Assistant Leisure Editor Julia Lloyd-George‘s tweet is not entirely accurate. Passing around a jug of peasant wine is the extent of classy that college students achieve. Tucker Cholvin reminds the Georgetown community that until he says otherwise, 60-degree weather… Read More

Three million people think Washington and Lee is a better school than Georgetown

In a college ranking website, Crowdrank.net, Georgetown is listed as 25th best overall college right after Washington and Lee University, Bowdoin College, and Pomona College. CrowdRank claims to provide a competing voice to U.S. World and News Report,… Read More