Campus Plan: What rocks and what sucks

As promised yesterday in a press conference, ANC 2E finally released the full details of the provisions in the Campus Plan. University officials and neighborhood leaders have ruminated over these “proposed conditions” since negotiations restarted in early April. Both parties… Read More

ANC 2E releases details on revised Campus Plan

Earlier today, ANC 2E released the revised 2010 Campus Plan. The move follows yesterday afternoon’s jubilant announcement of a finalized plan, along with the creation of a new Georgetown Community Partnership between the university and its neighbors. It… Read More

Magis Row houses announced for 2010 – 2011

The new residents of Magis Row have been chosen. Next school year, the bloc of fourteen University townhouses that Georgetown converted into living and learning communities in an attempt to mollify town-gown tensions (and incidentally, they haven’t) will… Read More

E-mails between CAG and the ANC reveal neighbors’ involvement in creating Magis Row

When Georgetown announced plans to establish Magis Row, the block of 16 townhouses designated for living and learning communities that sit on the only strip of University property facing residential homes, the Voice editorial board and many students… Read More

The Post surveys the D.C. area’s town- gown tiffs

The eternal conflict: curmudgeonly neighbors v. rowdy co-eds With new neighbors’ groups popping up left and right, it looks like we’re in for another year of fights between residents and the University.  But Georgetown’s not the only school… Read More

The two kinds of Magis Row houses

Mages Row If you, like me, had an application to live in a themed townhouse on Magis Row rejected, you might have assumed the other, winning applications were much more exciting and creative. Hardly! As the list of… Read More

Magis Row: Living Learning Communities in townhouses

Magus Row Next year, Georgetown students will be able to live in townhouses with people who share their interests in a living and learning community called Magis Row: YOU will have the opportunity to create and live within… Read More