McFadden’s permanently closed after five people were stabbed

McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, Irish pub dynasty of Foggy Bottom for the past 12 years, closed its doors after five people were stabbed on the evening of Dec. 27. According to police and the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, there… Read More

A phony Irish pub, just what Georgetown needs

The chain Irish pub Ri Ra is coming to Georgetown and will take the place of the now shut down Mie N Yu on M Street between 31st and Wisconsin. Mie N Yu closed last October unexpectedly and… Read More

You’ve probably been to one of D.C.’s douchiest bars, but probably not one of the least

“Douchey” is a adjective that gets thrown around a lot in D.C.—it is, after all, chock full of politicians. But as we all know, that designation doesn’t confine itself to the Hill, and, in many cases, a person’s… Read More