D.C. ranked third most expensive rent, but on the decline

Living in campus housing—as most of us are—we understand the struggle of expensive housing, sometimes in places inadequately fit for their price. D.C.’s housing market mirrors that of campus housing in some respects. Particularly that D.C. is ranked… Read More


D.C. needs more middle-skill workers

While many Georgetown students could be unable to grasp the fact that there are jobs in D.C. other than at Deloitte and PwC, an analysis conducted by the National Skills Coalition says that the District has fewer middle-skill… Read More


D.C. releases $54 billion transportation plan spanning until 2040

The District government released a draft of their Multimodal Long-range Transportation Plan, which will go into effect over the next thirty years, last Friday. The plan aims to address demands for additional transportation throughout the city and includes new… Read More

D.C. Metro proposes an overall three percent increase in fares for 2014

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the District metro transit officials have drafted legislation that will increase overall rail fares by three percent. In terms of price per ride, this means that the cost of an average… Read More

WMATA reveals plans for Georgetown Metro stop

On December 5, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority laid out many specific details, including a shiny, new map, of its $26 billion expansion and service update. In addition to a new loop of the Yellow and Blue Lines,… Read More

Photo Caption Contest: Caption Metro’s sexist subway ad

Aside from unreliable service and nonexistent weekend travel options, Metro is now loathed for its shiny, new, sexist ad that it’s running on buses. Part of the Metro Forward campaign, which started in 2011 to inform commuters about Metro’s improvement… Read More

Metro SmartTrip cards now $2 for real

Let it be known to all that Metro riders can now purchase SmartTrip cards 60% cheaper than before. For those who haven’t popped their Georgetown bubble yet, SmartTrip is a rechargeable farecard for all transit providers of the… Read More

District Digest: Old bills in the council and new trains on the Metro

D.C. Council recycles old legislative material In preparation for their first major meeting of 2013, several lawmakers on the D.C. Council reintroduced old propositions, which were previously not passed. The tactic is a classic attempt by legislators to… Read More

Students combat anti-Muslim message in D.C. Metro ads

After anti-Muslim ads were posted in several D.C. Metro stations, two Georgetown students, Nabeel Zewail (SFS ’15) and Saaliha Khan (COL ’13), petitioned the D.C. Subway Commission to remove them. The ads read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage,… Read More

District Digest: Rediscovering the First Amendment

This week in D.C. news, featuring the MPD’s acknowledgement of the First Amendment, more on Mayor Gray madness, and the latest Amtrak upgrade. Yes, the First Amendment still holds. Washington, D.C.’s Police Chief Cathy Lanier issued an order… Read More