Alumnus Mike Birbiglia poses as Syracuse graduate in HBO Series Girls

Georgetown alum Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00), a stand-up comic, writer, actor and director, appeared in the second episode of Girls, titled “Vagina Panic,” which aired on Sunday. Girls, which premiered on HBO earlier this month, is a comedy about a… Read More

More from the Voice‘s interviews with Georgetown comedy alums

In this week’s issue of the Voice, I had the chance to talk to quite a few former Georgetown comedians. Unfortunately, we didn’t have space for all of their quotes in the article, so here are a few… Read More

Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00) discusses Georgetown, fellow Hoyas’ urinary habits

NSO staple Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00) is in the midst of a nationwide tour, and in anticipation of his Saturday night performance at Warner Theater in D.C. he had a chat with Washington Post readers earlier this week…. Read More

CBS greenlights Mike Birbiglia’s sitcom for the fall

Remember Mike Birbiglia, the sort of-funny Georgetown alum and stand-up comedian who performs every year at NSO? Well, according to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS, home of lots of sort of-funny things, has greenlighted his sitcom for the fall…. Read More