Corp raises prices in response to D.C. minimum wage hike

The Corp conducted a 3 percent average across-the-board price hike in response to the increase in D.C.’s minimum wage rise to $9.50 from $8.25 on July 1. Customers will see price increases across the Corp’s services, which include… Read More

Walmart opens its first two stores in the District

Walmart officially opens its first two stores in the District today. They are located in on H St. near Union Station and in the Brightwood neighborhood in Northeast D.C. These are the first of the six stores that… Read More

Maximum controversy over minimum wage in the district

Talk of raising the minimum wage has been all the rage in the District as of late, and one demographic has sparked some discussion: tipped restaurant workers. The current minimum wage for tipped workers in D.C. is $2.77/hour, without… Read More

D.C. fight over wages continues, Council proposals seek to raise minimum wage

The prolonged debate over minimum wage in the nation’s capital continues to rage. Last month, Mayor Vincent Gray rejected the ‘living wage’ bill that would have mandated Wal-Mart and other sizable retailers to pay their employees higher than… Read More