Movie Review: Keeping dysfunction in The Family

Well, let’s just say comedy-dramas don’t exactly run in The Family. In 1999, Harold Ramis directed a well-known mafia comedy starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal called  Analyze This. De Niro played a mob boss who forced… Read More

Movie Review: Jobs falls short of its namesake’s legacy

“This will touch your heart,” declares a jeans and sneakers clad Ashton Kutcher at the start of Jobs. Unfortunately, he’s referring to a shiny first generation iPod, not Joshua Stern’s biopic on the creator of Apple. The movie opens with… Read More

Woody Allen draws sympathetic portrait of an old theme in Blue Jasmine

The battle between illusion and reality is hardly a revolutionary theme in film, but only Woody Allen could approach the concept by making us laugh, while forcing us to take a sober look at the everyday lies we… Read More

Pacific Rim surprises with actual plot and characters, amid exploding alien bodies

Every summer, Hollywood clocks in its requisite hours of mindless, over-the-top action sequences in which you can hardly tell who is clobbering whom, accompanied by a symphony of ambient explosions and gunfire. Pacific Rim is not one of those… Read More

World War Z attempts to stimulate your brain, eats it instead

World War Z, the movie based on the novel by Max Brooks, is like a zombie—generally mindless, but entertaining when in action. The movie begins with Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a retired U.N. investigator, spending some quality time… Read More

The Bling Ring throws celebrity culture into the spotlight

“I think we just wanted to be part of the lifestyle…you know, the lifestyle that everybody kind of wants.” The motives behind stealing $3 million in clothes and jewelry from the homes of A-list celebrities may seem outrageous… Read More

Movie Review: The East takes suspense films in a new direction

The need to lay blame at the door of an identifiable enemy is only human, yet acting on that desire is fraught with moral complications belying any subjectively drawn line between good and evil. Georgetown alum Zal Batmanglij’s… Read More

Star Trek: Into Darkness a surprisingly bright summer blockbuster

The second installment of sci-fi king J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until the credits roll.  It achieves what few sequels do: it is better than its predecessor.  Into Darkness picks up shortly after the events… Read More

Out of Sight: Amazing Spider-Man weaves a new web

Three years ago, Marc Webb directed every hipster’s favorite love story, (500) Days of Summer, for around $7.5 million. So, give him around $213 million more to direct another movie, and there’s no way he messes up, right? Well,… Read More

Out of Sight: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is of the Undead, by the Undead, for the Undead

Unfortunately for our 16th president, it seems Edward Everett rose from the dead to pen the meandering script of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Yet judged by its base-heavy, slow-motion, blood-splattered trailer, Tim Burton’s newest movie looked just as… Read More