Out of Sight: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Fun

Judging a Wes Anderson movie after a single viewing is no easy task.  First of all, Anderson fills his movies with visual and dramatic subtleties.  This means after the third or fourth viewing (if you, like many Wes… Read More

Out of Sight: A $12 yawn, MIB 3 is a movie you don’t want to remember

This was the movie everyone was talking about.  What we were all waiting for.  The summer blockbuster that would bring back our favorite super heroes we know and love from comic books, cartoons, movies and of course music. … Read More

Will There Be Blood?

Welcome back to D.C., y’all. While you wait with visible anticipation (yep, we see you sweating) for the first Voice of 2008 (January 17: mark your calendar!), here’s a review of There Will Be Blood by Michael Evans… Read More

A holiday film review

Headed to the cinema over break? Thinking about seeing the dreamy Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd while you’re there? Well, how about it? Joshua Speiser tries to help you out with a review over on the main site…. Read More