What would Tyrion Lannister say: This week’s movie releases

Vox previews this weekend’s movie premieres from the crafty perspective of Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones‘ always clever, sassy, and drunken character. Draft Day Wow. Kevin Costner sure looks old in this one as the fictional Sonny Weaver Jr., the general… Read More


Vox sat down with Kit Harington to discuss his abs and a new movie or something

This week, the Voice reviewed Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest film, Pompeii. Though the film was action packed and filled with up-to-the-minute CGI, the film failed to impress. Vox sat down with Game of Thrones hunk Kit Harington, who… Read More


What Would Simone De Beauvoir Say: This week’s movie releases

For Valentine’s Day movie releases, Vox has chosen Simone de Beauvoir to offer her opinions on love and sex. Winter’s Tale Colin Farrell and Lady Sibyl from Downton Abbey. Irish accents. True love. Also Russel Crowe. Vox is going to… Read More

breaking bad

What would Walter White say: This week’s movie releases

Vox previews this weekend’s movie premieres in D.C. in the words of the calm and morally sound Walter White. That Awkward Moment Hey look, guys, men can be sensitive and caring too. Look, really. Three best friends, who normally… Read More

Out of Sight: Margaret, The Brave Little Blu-ray that could

In the film industry, there’s failure, and then there’s straight-to-DVD failure.  The list of gems that have, for myriad reasons, failed to make it to the big screen can be counted on one hand, with Mike Judge’s instant… Read More