Geena Davis talks gender inequality in the media in Hariri

At some point in her life, just about every girl dreams of being an actress, lighting up the silver screen in daring and glamorous roles.  But in her presentation in the Hariri building yesterday, Academy-Award winner Geena Davis… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to the McDonough School of Business

This week, Vox wanted to give the Class of 2015 a sneak peek into each of Georgetown University’s four undergraduate schools. Today, we take a look at the McDonough School of Business (MSB). The best school, technically Or… Read More

Alumna dies in apparent suicide in NYC

Jessica Fashano (MSB ’05), an investment banking associate with Citi Global Markets died Saturday in an apparent suicide, jumping from the Trump Place in New York. During her time at Citi, Fashano led the fundraising efforts of the… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Fight for your right … to study in MSB

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate took a break from SAFE reform on Sunday to take aim at a different scourge—undergraduate access to the McDonough School of Business’s Hariri building. Senator Nathaniel Tisa (SFS ’14), with the co-sponsorship… Read More

Students remotely close NY stock exchange with cowbells

Students who arrived early to an afternoon panel on capital markets and job creation rang cowbells to remotely close the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. According to the Washington Business Journal, “hundreds of students and local business leaders,”… Read More

Georgetown competes to teach government’s role in business, says WaPo

D.C.-area colleges have responded to Washington’s growing influence over corporate America by teaching students about the relationship, according to the Washington Post. To drive the message home, the Post points out some of Georgetown’s recent faculty hires: “Professor… Read More

Astronauts to speak at Georgetown, brag about space travel

Holy shit, astronauts are coming to Georgetown! What’s next? Pirates? Ninjas? NASA and the McDonough School of Business have collaborated to bring the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis to Georgetown. On Monday, July 26th, the six astronauts… Read More

MSB finally gets Gmail—and it’s way nicer than everyone else’s

A year after the other schools jumped on the Gmail bandwagon, the McDonough School of Business is making the switch to Google-provided email. And, in the long tradition of MSBers getting way nicer stuff than everyone else, their… Read More

Employ us, please!: Career Center senior survey results for the Class of 2009

Get the flash player here: The Georgetown University Career Center has compiled and released the data from surveys it took of graduating students of the Class of 2009. The report presents the class as a whole and… Read More

Georgetown’s Executive MBA program ranked 18th by Business Week

Business Week recently released its biannual rankings of Executive MBA programs, and this year they’ve got Georgetown coming in at number 18.  This year’s ranking marks a six-spot fall from McDonough’s 2007 position, when it placed 12th. The… Read More