District Digest: Of murderers and mayoral candidates

Alleged Georgetown murderer starves himself Albrecht Muth, who allegedly murdered his wife Viola Drath, will not stand trial until this December. Muth has subjected himself to starvation and is in dire medical condition. Muth, who now weighs only 104 lbs.,… Read More

Fictitious Iraqi general Albrecht Muth blames wife’s P Street murder on Iranian agents

Earlier this semester, Vox reported on the alleged murder of Georgetown socialite Viola Drath, 91, by her German-born husband, Albrecht Muth, 47. Before his wife’s death, Muth was often seen around Georgetown dressed as the Iraqi brigadier general he… Read More

Bizarre Georgetown murder sparks contemplation on Deadspin

Yesterday on Funbag, the “Letters to the Editor”-type feature on Gawker Media sports site Deadspin, someone posed a question regarding a killer in Georgetown. The commenter, who identified as “Chris,” raised his concern about living in the Georgetown… Read More

District Digest: A series of unfortunate events

This belated edition of District Digest (courtesy of crashed computer) includes a new kind of flash mob, foul play, more Council member corruptions, a bad birthday, and a terrible restaurant experience. Flash mobs of crime On Saturday, Mayor… Read More

District Digest: Criminal minds

This week’s digest contains a number of grizzly incidents, including hate crimes and murders. Also, a bank robber terrorizes Arlington and Metro strikes yet another passenger. Hate crimes On Wednesday, police announced the arrest of a 19-year-old D.C. man… Read More

Suspect charged with a 20-year-old murder in Georgetown

As relatively safe a D.C. neighborhood Georgetown may be, murder in Georgetown isn’t just a thing of Margaret Truman’s fiction. Just last week, a suspect was charged with murdering the resident of the 1600 block of 35th Street—well,… Read More