Weekly Playlist: Audible Adderall

Whether you’re pumping up for Georgetown Day, pushing through those pre-finals week finals (What is that? What. Is. That.), or just forgot to take your prescription this morning like us, this playlist, aptly named “Audible Adderall” by 8tracks,… Read More


D.C. music and activism: unbreakable bond with upcoming shows

Within the next month, four shows will be played to help raise awareness about social and political issues—some of which, the DCist claims, the country may be fed up with hearing about. With D.C.’s history in the music world, a… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Limelight

Limes are back! In case you didn’t notice how expensive the limes were last time you were shopping at Whole Foods, this spring was The Great Lime Shortage of 2014. After prices of limes skyrocketed to more than $125… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Georgetown bands

The past few years have been quite successful for a few of Georgetown’s student bands. While even the biggest are still independent bands and remain relatively unknown, even within the student body, they have a strong following among… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Jumpin’ into Spring

While Vox may be a bit uncertain of whether the season of pleasant weather and flowery fields has actually arrived, she does know one thing for sure: there’s no school for a week. And if that doesn’t get you excited, Vox is doing… Read More


Georgetown to hold panel at SXSW (yes, you read that right)

When did Georgetown become hip and indie? Well, maybe when it was asked to present a panel at Austin’s SXSW this March (though Vox still has its doubts about the University’s indie rock talents). Although South by Southwest… Read More

Vox gets into treble: Folky folk to keep you warm

Now that Winter Storm Janus has so boldly announced the continuation of cold weather in D.C., Vox thought a little folk would serve to warm the soul. These cozy acoustic tunes are perfect for lounging by the fireplace (or… Read More

Vox gets into treble: Garage Rock to play in your garage-less dorm

Dear professional music lovers everywhere, Vox understands how difficult it can be to keep up with all the fresh and hip artists. And because you all hold a very special place in her heart, Vox is introducing a new series, called… Read More


Anything but classical, Mikaela Davis will play the harp at Black Cat

Missing the relaxation of winter break now that classes are starting up again? Mikaela Davis’s light, poppy folk is the perfect fit for those of you who are feeling nostalgic for the peaceful days of vacation, although the singer-songwriter… Read More


Record store to open in Georgetown, local hipsters shrug in approval

Georgetown – for years the stomping grounds of well-off, well-dressed, and well-insured yuppies – serves it audience well. A nice selection of frozen yogurt shops, boutiques with price tags starting at three digits, and an array of uppity… Read More