He was born a Unicorn, now he’s dishing dirt with the Voice

Dan Cook has a heart-to-heart with Islands frontman (and former member of the now-defunct Unicorns) Nick Thorburn, over on the main site.

Bust Out Your Flannel, Kids, It’s Mudhoney in Concert

Kurt Cobain used to wear a T-shirt that said “Grunge is dead.” But if you saw Mudhoney—who ushered in grunge rock in the late 1980s with their EP “Superfuzz Bigmuff”—at the Rock and Roll Hotel last Monday night,… Read More

Track Review: Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

On the one hand, you need to lend Death Cab some cred. Even as the four-piece has transitioned from indie to major (Barsuk to Atlantic), they’ve still had the chutzpah to mess with their sound a bit, risking… Read More

Cover Story YouTube Extras

Jeff Reger takes us back a few decades this week in his cover story on musicians/songwriters/Georgetown professors Walter Egan and Bill Danoff. In case you haven’t read the cover and are wondering who Egan and Danoff are, no… Read More

Actually, Maryland is for lovers

A conversation about whether the state song of New Jersey was really “about having sex on a motorcycle” led to the discovery of this, Maryland’s state song. And what a song it is. (And what a state she… Read More

Move over, Lil’ Wayne

My infatuation with Mike Jones began in 2005 when “Who is Mike Jones?” was released. I was mesmerized by his self-promotion, narcissism (2-8-1-3-3-0-8-0-0-fo’, anyone?), generic beats, poor enunciation (those pesky grills) and unabashed reliance on the “they used… Read More

Weekend concert roundup

Jonathan Richman, 6:00 Friday at the 9:30 Club, $12 If you show a little hustle out there in the field, you can still make it down to 9th and V to catch an early show with the godfather… Read More

Concert Calendar Plus

A few upcoming shows that didn’t make it into this week’s print edition: Tonight (Thurs 8/31): Shellac at the Black Cat Legendary punk/indie rock producer Steve Albini and his veteran Chicago noise-rock band are on the road in… Read More