GU professor says don’t worry, just choose MIT

Georgetown Assistant Professor of Computer Science Cal Newport recently wrote an article titled “Follow a Career Passion? Let It Follow You” for the New York Times about a dilemma that most Georgetown students will face at some point during their… Read More

Hoya writes for New York Times blog about life as student veteran

Thomas Gibbons-Neff (COL ’15), a student veteran, knew transitioning to life at Georgetown wouldn’t be easy. “I was preparing for Georgetown University’s New Student Orientation, my first official re-entry into academia and a day of assemblies and awkward… Read More

Med student (embarrassingly) makes The New York Times

Have you ever watched something on television and said to yourself, “I want to try that”? If that show happens to be “Flying Wild Alaska” and the thing you want to try is an emergency landing of a… Read More

Grade inflation at Georgetown Law meant to help students

Following a trend in law schools across the country, Georgetown Law faculty adopted a less-taxing grading curve last winter. The revised grading curve, which retroactively applied to the fall 2009 semester, makes it easier for law students to… Read More

The Ivy Plus Society, breeding grounds for the pedigreed and pompous

Ever wonder what the most toolish among us do with themselves after graduation?  This Sunday, the New York Times‘ Style section revealed the answer: they join the Ivy Plus Society! The Ivy Plus Society is a group for… Read More

AU professor just looking for some Modern Love

This week’s edition of Modern Love, the New York Times’ treacly Sunday Styles feature, comes from Randon Billings Noble, a literature professor at American University.  “War Weary From a Dangerous Liaison” is about a Valentine’s Day email from… Read More

Unstructured social time and the other dangers of college

I always thought that going to college would be a positive thing for my development.  Not so fast, says the New York Times.  A piece today titled “College Students Behaving Badly” suggests that the very opposite may be… Read More

Times to Post: “Look, some college kids don’t sell out!”

Remember that Washingon Post Magazine Cover story about how everyone who’s anyone ends up in finance and the rest of us are doomed to be ditch diggers? Well, this week the New York Times seeks to debunk the… Read More

What’s wrong with this picture?

A copy-editor must have lost their job, or at least their dignity, over this blooper. We’ve had a few mistakes like this over the years at the Voice, but then again, our circulation of 8,000 invites a little… Read More

An NYT essay contest for all you young romantics

The New York Times wants to hear what you have to say about love. But not just any kind of love—it’s that Facebook relationship status/hook-up culture/text message love they’re interested in. From the Times: From the hippie culture… Read More