Justice Department intervenes in Redskins trademark lawsuit

The battle between a stubborn NFL manager and a group of Native Americans has swept headlines and captivated both football fans and non-fans alike throughout 2014. The battle continues in 2015, and now Vox cannot keep up. First the Native Americans… Read More


D.C. Congressional Delegate introduces bill to strip NFL of tax-exempt status over Redskins’ name

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder isn’t convinced by the public outcry over his team’s racist name and he’s noted repeatedly that he will “never” change the name on his own. While Snyder clearly doesn’t care about looking like a bigot, he… Read More


Native Americans protest Redskins’ name at season opener

The Washington Redskins began their football season on Sunday with a game in Houston. Marring their first appearance was a group of Native American protesters, who gathered outside Houston’s NRG Stadium to call the Redskins’ name racist and… Read More


Washington Redskins trademark revoked for being racist

Last week, the federal U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ended the trademark the Washington Redskins have for their name. The Patent and Trademark Office, among other critics, finds the Redskins’ name to be an offensive racial slur. The… Read More