New policy changes to first-time violations by freshmen in Student Code of Conduct

Here’s some interesting news to all the freshmen who might be planning to leave their dorms in packs and roam the streets for parties for their first college weekend. The Office of Student Conduct is expected to announce through… Read More

GUPD ups neighborhood presence during study days

Georgetown University announced that a neighborhood crackdown will take place beginning this past weekend until the first final day on December 11, finding yet another way to make studying for finals more painful for students. The University has increased the… Read More

D.C. universities try to extend police presence into neighborhoods

All Vox can say is… classic. As if this wasn’t happening already at Georgetown, District universities have decided they want to expand their campus security forces into nearby neighborhoods in effort to better deal with any disruptive behavior… Read More

Better Know an ANC 2E Commisioner: Aaron Golds

In Georgetown’s local government, the people are represented as two separate yet equally important groups: the neighbors’ representatives, who investigate crime, and the student representative, who leave crushed beer cans on their lawns. These are their stories. Two… Read More