Prefrosh Preview: News you can use

This week Vox figured we’d give you some sense of institutional history by presenting a primer of the ten most widely-discussed campus news stories from the past couple years. 10. GUSA election debacles GUSA Candidates, pre-squabbling Georgetown’s student… Read More

No new Catholic University norovirus cases since Weds., 36 ill in total

We last left our friends at Catholic by the toilet, but according to the Washington Post, the last reported case of norovirus was Wednesday. The D.C. Health Department has confirmed that norovirus is indeed the culprit. Yesterday, The… Read More

Norovirus hits Catholic University—again

You might remember norovirus from when it plagued and plagued and plagued Georgetown University back in early October. Well it’s back, this time striking 23 of our student neighbors to the Northeast, Catholic University. And when I say… Read More

Student Affairs Newsletter riles up a Georgetown parent

Noro-what? We all have our qualms about Georgetown, but few of us has ever aired our grievances with such reply-all audacity as Ivan Batishchev did yesterday afternoon. In response to an email from Todd Olson’s office which announced… Read More

E-mails might reveal a new norovirus culprit, employee banned from kitchen

Was it you, meatballs? I know the norovirus is old news, but the whole Passion of the Organic to Go was just so weird. The University canceled its contract with the reportedly delicious Grab and Go folks even… Read More

The norovirus strikes back, in Michigan

Maybe the norovirus really is carried by the wind! Hope College, a Christian liberal arts college in Michigan with 3,200 students, has fallen prey to a “norovirus-like” outbreak. Hope College officials say since Friday, more than 400 staff… Read More

Report on Georgetown norovirus: it was Grab n Go, maybe

DC’s Department of Health has released its report (PDF) on the norovirus, and they think it was Grab n Go, but they aren’t sure: In other words, we can state with 95% certainty that those students who purchased… Read More

450 miles away, Boston University is “safe so far” from the norovirus

For some reason, norovirus outbreaks both here and at USC have scared Boston University’s BU Today into publishing its own norovirus prevention FAQ. But not only is it not as good as Vox Populi’s norovirus FAQ, the premise… Read More

Happy Norovirus V-Day, Leo’s blameless

The University just sent out an email saying we beat the Dread Pirate Norovirus. Hurray! The cheering will be loudest at Aramark because the email says Leo’s isn’t at fault: The Department of Health continues their investigation into… Read More

They misunderestimated you, norovirus

So it looks like the University won’t be helping students who were infected with the norovirus pay their medical bills. On Monday, VP of Student Affairs Todd Olson also told reporters that the university was unlikely even to… Read More