Blue and Gray tours get revamped with Northeast Triangle construction

For a prospective student touring Georgetown, nothing says “Welcome to the Hilltop” quite like a “Caution, Do Not Enter” sign. The closing of the Reiss Walkway on Monday has created a navigational nightmare for much of the student population,… Read More


October construction update: Bye bye, Reiss pathway

Start leaving for class five minutes earlier than usual because, if you thought campus was already a maze of moving fences, the month of October is just making things worse. In an email to the Georgetown University community… Read More

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University unveils latest details on Georgetown’s newest dorms

On Tuesday night, University administrators and representatives from Ayers Saint Gross discussed interiors for the renovation of the Old Jesuit Residence and project updates for the still-yet-to-be-built Northeast Triangle in the swanky new Healey Family Student Center. Jason Wilcoxon, associate… Read More

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The world’s smallest dorm: What is that little bit of wall across from Reiss doing?

Out of the myriad of construction projects going on by every major walk through campus, easily the most perplexing is the tiny piece of wall that sits across the pathway on the East side of Reiss, near where… Read More


Georgetown construction update: All roads lead to Do Not Enter

Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey, in an email to the Georgetown University community, laid out some major planning changes taking place on campus next month. To accommodate Georgetown’s various construction projects, several major roads and… Read More

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University announces third-year on-campus housing requirement

Today, the Georgetown administration, in conjunction with GUSA executives Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), announced in an email to the Georgetown University community that students will be required to live in University housing for three years and that… Read More

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Details revealed about Northeast Triangle Dorm rooms and living spaces

Representatives from the University and Sasaki Associates architectural firm held a presentation Wednesday night with updates on the Northeast Triangle Dorm design (again). The presentation showed fine-tuned room designs and offered more insight into how visitors and residents… Read More

Administration announces potential delay in Northeast Triangle Dorm, temporary use of Leavey hotel

The University announced Monday that construction of the Northeast Triangle Dorm may be delayed until the fall of 2016, a whole year later than was originally expected. To help fill the gap and meet the 2010 Campus Plan… Read More

Northeast Triangle Dorm moves through another bureaucratic roadblock, more to go before approval

The Old Georgetown Board met Thursday and brought plans for the Northeast Triangle Dorm closer to approval by supporting the height, massing, and siting of the new residence hall. On November 25 the D.C. Zoning Commission withheld approval of… Read More

Zoning Commission will wait on response from Old Georgetown Board before approving residence plans

The D.C. Zoning Commission met Monday night to review proposals for the construction of the Northeast Triangle Dorm and conversion of Ryan and Mulledy Halls into residential spaces. Although all commissioners expressed profuse support, they decided to withhold approval… Read More