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Roomr, a new site for rating landlords and off-campus properties, launched today

The Georgetown Student Tenant Association, GUSA, and the Corp launched Roomr today, a new student-run site that allows students to rate and compare landlords and rentable properties around Georgetown. Users with a NetID can add addresses each landlord owns,… Read More

GUSA’s GSTA will help protect student rights off campus

GUSA announced yesterday that its newest organization, the Georgetown Student Tenant Association, will be up and running in time for the 2013-2014 school year. As a response to recent events like the enactment of stringent off-campus parking rules,… Read More

Vox‘s Voting Guide: GUSA Off-Campus senators

Elections are tomorrow, and Vox is providing you today with a series on every dorm’s GUSA candidates. For off-campus representation, three senators are running for five available spots. Aziz Saqr (NHS ’16): Give us water fountains or give… Read More

Campus Plan: What rocks and what sucks

As promised yesterday in a press conference, ANC 2E finally released the full details of the provisions in the Campus Plan. University officials and neighborhood leaders have ruminated over these “proposed conditions” since negotiations restarted in early April. Both parties… Read More

Burleith resident puts up fake S.N.A.P. “bus” sign

Last Sunday, a Burleith resident put up the sign pictured to the right in this post on the intersection of 36th and S st. The sign is a notification that a bus service led by the Student Neighborhood… Read More

University to help students find housing through lists of good and bad landlords

In effort to improve town-gown relations and to provide information for students sub-letting houses and apartments in surrounding neighborhoods, Georgetown University will be publishing two lists, naming the landlords that they would recommend students to sublet from, and… Read More

Breaking down the Office of Planning report

As we’ve previously reported, the Office of Planning recently filed its report to the DC Zoning Commission regarding Georgetown University’s 2010 campus plan. While the report ultimately recommends that the plan be approved, it sharply criticizes certain aspects… Read More

Office of Planning: Georgetown should house 100 percent of undergrads by 2016

Update: The full report of the Office of Planning is now available after the jump. The District Office of Planning filed its report to the D.C. Zoning Commission today, recommending that Georgetown University house 100 percent of its… Read More

Neighborhood groups report Burleith landlords to DCRA

As if Burleith residents weren’t busy enough opposing the 2010 campus plan and admonishing local bars, some are now watching your basement. After two months of sleuthing around the streets of Burleith, a “coalition of neighborhood groups” reported… Read More

A wrap-up of the CAG meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2

Earlier today, we ran a post about the general sentiment that the Citizens Association of Georgetown and residents feel toward the 2010 Campus Plan draft that the University presented in November, as shown in the first public meeting… Read More