New housing policy has not impacted the number of students studying abroad in Fall 2015

In the midst of many panicked sophomores with plans to go abroad next semester having no idea where they are going to live upon return in January (curse you, Office of Residential Living), Vox decided to chat with Craig Rinker, Director of Global… Read More


Office of Residential Living offers new housing options for study abroad students

As of this week, the University housing policy announced last year that prompted outrage from students has officially been overhauled—or at least, significantly improved. Detailed in the housing selection book, the policy stated that those studying abroad in… Read More


Increased student mobilization against restrictive housing policy gets attention of administration

Mobilization against the current housing policy for study abroad students has continued to gain momentum through increased participation and advocacy, especially with the usage of online forums. This policy, which was issued in Feb. 2014, excludes Fall 2015… Read More

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Vox clarifies the new housing selection timeline and what this means for those studying abroad

There has been much uncertainty surrounding the housing selection policy for returning study abroad students ever since a correspondence was sent from the Office of Residential Living to both students with housing eligibility for 2014-15 academic year and… Read More

GUSA calls on University to clarify RA role, better support RAs

Yesterday, the GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling on the University to clarify the resident assistant role and do more to support RAs, including creating a safer work environment for them. The resolution follows last week’s Voice online exclusive,… Read More


Residential Living announces changes to housing process (second time’s the charm?)

Don’t worry class of 2016, not too much has changed in terms of next year’s housing. Class of 2017, however, should expect a few alterations to the housing selection process. But no worries. Per usual, Vox is always… Read More