Out of Sight: Margaret, The Brave Little Blu-ray that could

In the film industry, there’s failure, and then there’s straight-to-DVD failure.  The list of gems that have, for myriad reasons, failed to make it to the big screen can be counted on one hand, with Mike Judge’s instant… Read More

Out of Sight: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is of the Undead, by the Undead, for the Undead

Unfortunately for our 16th president, it seems Edward Everett rose from the dead to pen the meandering script of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Yet judged by its base-heavy, slow-motion, blood-splattered trailer, Tim Burton’s newest movie looked just as… Read More

Out of Sight: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Fun

Judging a Wes Anderson movie after a single viewing is no easy task.  First of all, Anderson fills his movies with visual and dramatic subtleties.  This means after the third or fourth viewing (if you, like many Wes… Read More