ANC Wrap-Up: It’s bureaucracy celebration week up in Ward 2

On Tuesday evening, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, which represents the Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillendale areas, met to have their monthly discussions about parking spaces, smelly trees, and police speedboats. Not every meeting can be as exciting as… Read More

Friendly Reminder: You still can’t park in Georgetown

There is a war on cars in D.C., but only in Georgetown, and only for students. In a friendly email yesterday, vice president for student affairs/disciplinarian-in-chief Todd Olson officially gave us notice that we can’t park on Georgetown’s campus… Read More

DC Students Speak creates petition for students’ parking rights

Yesterday night, the student-run advocacy group DC Students Speak reintroduced an online petition against the D.C. Council’s proposed law to discourage students from parking around the District. The D.C. Council will vote today on this “Residential Parking Protection Act… Read More

Graduate student interests compromised by Campus Plan

While us undergraduates are battling it out on the sidelines for our compromised interests in the Campus Plan, we tend to forget that graduate students are affected by these provisions too. At tonight’s advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting on the… Read More

Georgetown releases final draft of the 2010 Campus Plan—What’s new?

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Right? On Thursday, Georgetown University publicly released the final draft of its 2010 Campus Plan (PDF), which it will present to the community on Monday, April 26. Administrators have already… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: ANC Commissioners to testify against Philly P; Parking woes

They’re still not OK with this This month’s ANC meeting was low on the fireworks, but neighbors turned out to protest valet parking by the Georgetown Club and continue their battle against late night pizza. Philly Pizza Philly… Read More

2010 Campus Plan: Transportation plans would send Dupont GUTS through Canal Road

The proposed loop road and new GUTS routes The last time University officials discussed the transportation aspect of the 2010 Campus Plan back in May, they said they were tentatively planning to send the Dupont GUTS bus through… Read More

Burleith Citizens’ Association talks 61-Ds, GU policy, landlords and more

Last Thursday, the Burleith Citizens’ Association held its annual meeting.  Yes, annual. “One per year? I love it!” exclaimed guest of honor Mayor Adrian Fenty (D). “That’s unprecedented, at least in D.C.” With only one meeting per year,… Read More

Georgetown students pay more for parking than our D.C. peers, AAA survey finds

Over the weekend, the Washington Post highlighted one of the eternal scourges of attending college in the District: the exorbitant cost of parking.  According to a recent survey from AAA, the Post reports, D.C. college students pay between… Read More

The 10 Year Campus Plan: GUTS Busted

The University is formulating its 2010 Campus Plan, which, once it passes ANC and D.C. Zoning Commission muster, will dictate how the University can expand over the next decade. Previous Campus Plans excluded neighborhood input in their planning… Read More