Vox takes stock of the Georgetown late-night food options

If you find yourself peckish after raging all night at the behest of our neighbors peacefully hanging out with friends in a townhouse on a Saturday night, it’s easy to get frustrated because Georgetown lacks readily-available late-night food options…. Read More

GW tightens alcohol policy, enforces party registration

The George Washington University is cracking down on large parties. After a number Greek-life groups held unregistered parties on campus, the University began to place heavy sanctions on non-compliant organizations. According to the GW Hatchet, the requirement was… Read More

Burleith residents creating a database of noisy, messy Georgetown students

Spring is in the air, and Burleith residents are concerned that the noise from partygoing Georgetown students is, too. So the Burleith Citizens Association has offered new a way to combat students students’ noise and “nuisance properties”—a database… Read More

MPD created party patrols in response to neighborhood complaints

At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, the Metropolitan Police Department began party patrols to monitor Burleith and West Georgetown from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. five nights a week, including weekend nights,  according to e-mails exchanged between… Read More

UMD cracking down on partying

After earning the dubious distinction of being ranked the 11th best party school by Playboy, the University of Maryland at College Park is mounting an effort to crack down on excessive partying this year, according to the Washington… Read More

University Enacts Draconian Party Regulations

The University enacted a new set of party rules this month that could take the fun out of any campus-dwelling student’s weekend. And what’s more, it seems they timed the release to avoid the predictable student backlash: Making… Read More

Georgetown: the new University of Chicago?

Check out this article from last week’s Washington Post Style section. Aside from being total common sense – college students like to have fun? – it also implies that Georgetown is, well, not fun, at least by the… Read More

Crime happens; curfews shouldn’t

After you read the Voice’s editorial about improving DPS training and working conditions after last weekend’s startling events, consider the campus-wide e-mail sent this morning. It seems the university response is: 1. More DPS officers around at night…. Read More