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GUSA report and petition regarding 2018 Campus Plan calls for student mobilization

On Wednesday, the GUSA Campus Plan Subcommittee released a detailed report on the impacts of the 2010 Campus Plan on the Georgetown student body. This report encourages proactive student engagement in the collaboration process for the upcoming 2018… Read More

The Club Sports petition was created to continue funding for the athletic training program, which supports clubs such as Club Boxing.

Club sports athletes petition for Athletic Training Program

In an effort to receive a more stable source of funding for the Georgetown’s Club Sports athletic training program, student club athlete-advocates have created a petition to appeal to GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations committee. The goal of the… Read More


GUSA creates petition for greater transparency in the Foreign Language and Linguistics Department

In yesterday’s weekly GUSA email, they included a petition to have greater transparency regarding doctoral candidates teaching classes within the Foreign Language and Linguistics Department (FLL). The petition was authored by GUSA Senator At-Large Adam Shinbrot (COL ’18)…. Read More


RAs deliver petition demanding greater protection and transparency

Yesterday, Resident Assistants Stefano Bortoletto (COL ’15), Jessica Rempe (SFS’15), Camille Squires (COL ’15), and Caitriona Pagni (SFS ’16) [Full disclosure: Caitriona Pagni is managing editor of the Voice.] delivered a list of demands to Senior Vice President… Read More