ANC Wrapup: Crime waves, triathlons, and Go Fresh

If the producers of C-SPAN and the Real Housewives franchise created a reality show about local politics, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E would be the pitch. Monday’s episode featured Metropolitan Police Department Lt. John Hedgecock flattering fake ID craftsmen… Read More

DCRA grants Philly P’s new certificate of occupancy

Yesterday, the Georgetown Dish broke the news that the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs granted Philadelphia Pizza Company a new certificate of occupancy in late September. In an email to the Dish, DRCA Director Linda Argo… Read More

Philly Pizza makes its bid to reopen to DCRA

If I were a betting blogger, I’d say that the city probably won’t let Mehmet Kocak reopen Philly Pizza. Call it superstition, but when your entire neighborhood is organized against you, the mayor’s attorney compares you to a… Read More

Seven Georgetown-area restaurants cited as medium-risk health code violators in 2009

Yesterday, we cataloged the health violations of four Georgetown-area food establishments that had been pegged as “high-risk” by the Health and Regulations Licensing Administration within the last year or so—Leo’s, Epicurean & Co., The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro…. Read More

Mayor Fenty applauds local leadership in remarks at the closed Philly Pizza

Having successfully completed a months-long campaign to shutter Philly Pizza, today, neighborhood residents and community leaders received an additional surprise: a visit from Mayor Adrian Fenty, who drove up to the restaurant’s former home in his Smart Car… Read More

D.C. Superior Court order shuts down Philly Pizza. No, seriously this time.

Today saw the end of a long campaign to shut down Philly Pizza’s location on Potomac Street, which has been operating illegally since its license was revoked in mid-February. Its doors closed last night, and today, they remain… Read More

Philly Pizza is issued a notice to vacate premises

Looks like that’s it, Philly Pizza fans. On Friday, the fast-food favorite was issued a ‘notice to discontinue illegal use of premises,’ pictured after the jump, in accordance with the BZA decision made on Tuesday to shut the… Read More

BREAKING: BZA upholds decision to revoke Philly Pizza’s license, pizza hotspot likely to close

A bureaucratic decision made at about 9:15 this evening may well be the end the Philly Pizza on Potomac Street. The District Board of Zoning Adjustment has just upheld the decision made by the D.C. Department of Consumer… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Stoplights, liquor license moratorium, and Jelleff Field

Monday night’s marathon Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting was one of the most contentious in recent memory, with most of the meetings devoted to a controversial Department of Parks and Recreation agreement with the private Maret School for developing… Read More

Philly P to remain open for now, future still uncertain

A six-plus hour hearing to decide the fate of Philly Pizza & Grill?  Repeated explanations of the difference between fast-food establishments and restaurants? Arguments about silverware and dishwashing techniques? All this has happened before, and all this will… Read More