District considers styrofoam container ban

Mayor Vincent Gray has 11 pieces of environmental legislation on his plate, but the one receiving the most attention is a proposed ban on styrofoam food and drink containers. A ban on styrofoam, proponents claim, would reduce pollution in… Read More


Survey finds that the tax on disposable bags in D.C. is working

The Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act of 2009 (the Bag Law), which required businesses selling food or alcohol in the District to charge customers a five cent fee for a disposable bag, has reduced the use of… Read More

Environmental groups prepare lawsuit against Sanitary Commission for release of pollutants into Potomac

The Environmental Integrity Project, Potomac Riverkeeper, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation have filed a notice announcing their intention to sue the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). The three environmental groups claim that the WSSC has been releasing solid… Read More

Weather Service still predicting moderate flooding of the Potomac

In the most recent statement from the National Weather Service, residents living along the Potomac were warned that the river would be at levels of moderate flooding through Thursday afternoon as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  On Tuesday… Read More

Hold on to your Brita: Potomac is nation’s “most endangered” river

Never underestimate the power of filtered water. In a recent report released by environmental watchdog organization American Rivers, the Potomac River is named number 1 on the list of America’s most endangered rivers of 2012. Five million residents… Read More

According to a new environmental report, the Potomac is really, really dirty

Population growth and poor agricultural practices are the main culprits in a deterioration of the Potomac River’s health, according to a recent environmental study. The Potomac Conservancy released its yearly State of the Nation’s River report last Thursday,… Read More

The mysterious case of the Georgetown students’ Key Bridge jump video

The remnants of the YouTube video in question A few weeks ago, Georgetown basketball blog Casual Hoya ran a post about a YouTube video of two male Georgetown students jumping off the Key Bridge into the Potomac River. … Read More

Georgetown boathouse lobbying bill breaks $1,000,000

Computer-generated Georgetown boathouse (the boathouse on the left) The administration must love the crew team. Now, new lobbying disclosure reports from the first quarter of this year show that boathouse lobbying has cost Georgetown at least $1,030,000, up… Read More

Video: Explosion on the Potomac!

The Washington Post captured this video of the much-hyped sculling explosion that CBS Paramount executed at 3 p.m. this afternoon (not between 9:30 and 12:00, as announced) for a pilot episode of “Washington Field.” Was the special effects… Read More

Bikers don’t like crashes; I don’t like scratches

The riverfront pathway in Georgetown is a great place for bikers – unless you are a pedestrian. The other day I had planned on taking a leisurely walk along the Potomac from Georgetown University to the Kennedy Center…. Read More