sac fair

Prefrosh preview: A guide to SAC Fair

While classes and where you live are defining factors of your Georgetown experience, student involvements hold a big impact on a typical Hoya’s time on the Hilltop. The Student Activities Commission (SAC) holds a fair every semester, taking place this year… Read More

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Prefrosh Preview: Religion at Georgetown

Georgetown is a Catholic university, and there’s no avoiding that fact. You’re never far from a crucifix here (there’s one in every classroom, with the exception of the ICC)—or a priest (many live on campus in the Jesuit… Read More

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Prefrosh preview: Greek life at Georgetown

Unless you have been horribly mistaken, at this point you should know that Georgetown is a Catholic, Jesuit University. This does not just mean that you have to take a few Theology courses and call it a day, but… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: A bit of D.C. history

D.C. is a far cry from your typical college town (although according to Huff Post, Georgetown ranks as one of the best). Not every undergrad can easily access 176 different embassies via public transport, embark on a nighttime… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: What is GUSA and what does it do?

GUSA, or the Georgetown University Student Association, is, in simple terms, the Georgetown undergraduates’ student government. For various reasons, students tend to be strongly opinionated about GUSA. Many jump right in and run for GUSA or work for… Read More

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Prefrosh Preview: Georgetown traditions

In a couple of weeks when you and the rest of the Prefrosh move onto campus, you’ll find that becoming a Hoya is much more than just receiving your Convocation robes and participating in the endless New Student… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Breaking the Georgetown Bubble

Georgetown students have certainly earned their reputation as the most prestigious and preppiest in the city. Unfortunately, we are also known for being the least city-savvy. (Vox has even overheard Georgetown seniors confess that after three years in… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Buying your textbooks

As a college student, you’ll easily find yourself cash-strapped in pretty much every living moment. One way to try and preserve the dwindling balance in your checking account is to consider how you’re getting the textbooks you need… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Mental health and psychiatric services at Georgetown

The mental health of Georgetown’s student body is an important topic, as it should be at any rigorous college or university. The heavy burden posed by most students’ coursework can often take a toll on mental health, and,… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Arts at Georgetown

When it comes to career choices, Georgetown grads tend to play it pretty safe. Nearly 41 percent of the employed portion of the Class of 2012 went into financial services or consulting, and that doesn’t include everyone who’s… Read More