Small group of pro-life Catholics protest Sebelius’s lecture at GPPI

  Get the flash player here:   This morning, an informal gathering of about 10-15 pro-life protesters set up shop on Georgetown’s campus. Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, spoke to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute… Read More

Georgetown’s SAC funds pro-choice panel hosted by “Plan A Hoyas”

In a close vote, members of Georgetown’s Student Activities Commission approved funding for what may be an unprecedented of event at Georgetown University, if it takes place—a University-funded panel of three speakers, all pro-choice, holding a discussion of… Read More

United Fems and H*yas for Choice form concerted campaign for reproductive rights at Georgetown

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists have partnered up in a new campaign that’s demanding substantial change in Georgetown’s reproductive rights policies. The latter being a University-recognized group, the new movement has the potential to endanger UF’s funding… Read More

Pro-lifers angry over Georgetown Law students’ pro-choice internships

Your basic equation for a Georgetown controversy Jill Stanek, a prominent pro-life activist and blogger, recently learned about Georgetown’s Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program, and she’s not pleased.  The program’s summer newsletter highlighted the internship experiences… Read More

Pro-life activists to protest “Treacherous,” Obama-hosting Georgetown

You’d think that with the split-second notification Georgetown gave about President Obama’s speech, we would’ve been able to escape the wrath that militantly pro-life Catholics have heaped on Notre Dame for inviting him to be their commencement speaker…. Read More

GWU College Dems confuse crosses, penises

All class at GWU. In George Washington University’s great tradition of drawing attention through effective use of symbols, some of its College Democrats took and defaced crosses used at an anti-abortion rally. A conservative group had placed 1,100… Read More

Spotted: Gossip Girl’s Eleanor Waldorf to speak at Georgetown

Thanks for having me, Mom! You may have quickly deleted an email about “The Tenth Annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life,” but if you are a particular kind of obsessive, there is was gold in that email: Eleanor… Read More