Plan A Hoyas rally in Healy Circle, Red Square for GAAP weekend

Update 2:41 p.m.: Vox has been looking into some of the claims Plan A made at today’s rally. Their claim that Georgetown has one of the highest rates of sexual assaults among college campuses appears to be false…. Read More

Plan A Hoyas rally in Red Square, march to President DeGioia’s office

Plan A Hoyas, the controversial group that is lobbying Georgetown University to provide contraception and sexual education to students and allow more dialogue about related topics, held a rally for their cause today in Red Square where members… Read More

Georgetown students protest the Petraeus protesters in Red Square

Protest not, lest ye be protested. Tonight, about twenty students gathered in Red Square to condemn the protesters who interrupted General David Petraeus when he spoke in Gaston Hall last Thursday. The students, two of whom held a… Read More

Anti-IMF protesters hit Georgetown

As is their wont, this year’s crop of anti-IMF protesters did indeed take to the streets of Georgetown yesterday evening. Vox wasn’t there, but we did get a first hand account from Georgetown student Carlos Hernandez, who found… Read More

IMF protesters heading to Washington Circle tonight

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are holding their annual meetings in D.C. this weekend. Along with discussions of economic policy, these meetings inevitably involve protests. This year, protesters have already broken bank windows and spray… Read More

Pro-life activists to protest “Treacherous,” Obama-hosting Georgetown

You’d think that with the split-second notification Georgetown gave about President Obama’s speech, we would’ve been able to escape the wrath that militantly pro-life Catholics have heaped on Notre Dame for inviting him to be their commencement speaker…. Read More

Georgetown groups protest Hoya’s April Fool’s issue

About 40 students sat-in at The Hoya‘s office late Thursday night Editor’s note: Okay, so we’ve covered The Hoya an awful lot lately, and you may be getting sick of it. However, we think would’ve been remiss not… Read More

This revolution wasn’t televised (because it was so boring)

Well, that was a disappointment. Last night’s anti-IMF, anti-World Bank protest, which was going to be so good I advised watching for phalanxes of riot police, was actually a big flop with only about 20 protesters. It was… Read More

4 tips for enjoying this weekend’s anti-globalization protest

The hotly anticipated IMF protest this weekend is shaping up: Join us at Dupont Circle at 1:00 am on the night of Saturday, Oct. 11th into the morning of Sunday, Oct. 12th for a rowdy, noisy march to… Read More

Solidarity forever: House staffers boycott cafeteria

Some House staffers will be forced to schmooze outside their offices today. They’re boycotting a cafeteria for suspending an employee named Doris: Turns out Doris is a beloved member of the cafeteria staff at the Longworth House Office… Read More