Prefrosh Preview: A bit of D.C. history so you don’t sound illiterate when talking to locals

Unlike our friends at Syracuse, Georgetown University is located in a real city, meaning chances of interacting with non-undergraduates, i.e. real people, are much greater. Vox recommends incoming freshmen accrue a vague history of D.C., for purposes of holding… Read More

ACLU report shows racial bias in marijuana arrest rates, advances legalization argument

With recreational weed laws now reality in Colorado and Washington, along with the first commercial hemp crop being planted in 60 years, skies seem clear for marijuana advocates—or perhaps happily hazy. In the District, however, an ACLU report… Read More

White girl travels east of the river, gets scared, blogs about it

“Being the minority is scary,” muses Marianne Johnson, an American University student that is blogging about her internship experience on an AU-hosted network. Vox thought it had seen the last of disastrously misinformed race commentary in Greater Greater Washington contributor… Read More

Everybody hates the 1983-84 Hoyas, according to Sports Illustrated

Add one more title to Georgetown’s 1983-84 men’s basketball team: hated. Sports Illustrated named the NCAA champions as one of the all-time hated teams in sports history, citing the team’s “combination of claustrophobic defense and shot-altering size” as… Read More

On the Record: Georgetown and the racial identity of President Patrick Healy

Matt Sheptuck (COL ’10) is an American Studies major writing his senior thesis, which explores how Georgetown University has perceived Jesuit Father Patrick Healy’s racial identity over the years. In his research Sheptuck found that Healy, whom many… Read More