District Digest: A series of unfortunate events

This belated edition of District Digest (courtesy of crashed computer) includes a new kind of flash mob, foul play, more Council member corruptions, a bad birthday, and a terrible restaurant experience. Flash mobs of crime On Saturday, Mayor… Read More

AU students vandalize Eagle, demand firing of “rape apologist” student columnist

Earlier this week, students at American University vandalized copies of The Eagle, its main student newspaper, over a column by student Alex Knepper in which he calls date rape “an incoherent concept.” Anonymous students littered hallways with Eagle… Read More

Colleges have a poor record on sexual assault cases, but Georgetown does better than most

A recent study by the Center for Public Integrity has found that at colleges and universities across the country, sexual assaults and rapes are being under- or unreported, and many students who are victims of these crimes face… Read More

Georgetown’s failure to address Friday’s reported rape is unacceptable

Editor’s Note: The following is personal commentary about the University’s treatment of last Friday’s reported rape. It should not be taken as objective coverage of the incident or the editorial position of the Voice as a whole. Last… Read More

Georgetown student reportedly raped on 3500 block of O St. on Friday

A woman was raped at her residence on the 3500 block of O Street on Friday, according to a report from the Metropolitan Police Department. According the the report, the incident occurred at 3:50 a.m. on July 10th:… Read More