GUSA calls on University to clarify RA role, better support RAs

Yesterday, the GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling on the University to clarify the resident assistant role and do more to support RAs, including creating a safer work environment for them. The resolution follows last week’s Voice online exclusive,… Read More

University responds to allegations of RA mistreatment

The University has responded to the allegations, published last night in a Voice online exclusive, that the Office of Residential Living mishandles instances of work-related trauma among its resident assistants. The University has committed to review these issues and… Read More

RAs submit stories of institutional mistreatment in Voice online exclusive

In a Voice online exclusive, eight anonymous current or former Resident Advisers present stories of institutional mistreatment by the Office of Residential Living during their time at Georgetown. The stories include RAs who have been sexually assaulted by their… Read More