GUSA Roundup: “Let’s remind everyone that the consitution mandates equal representation.”

In this week’s edition of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, the senators had some fun with democracy, and came dangerously close to acting like ANC2E. Equal representation, schmequal schmepresentation Last night, the ad hoc committee in charge… Read More

The Annual BCA Meeting: Out with the old, in with… more of the same

Last night, the Burleith Citizens Association held their annual meeting. Although the meeting was lightly attended, all the notable Burleithers, including outgoing president Lenore Rubino and new president Christopher Clements, were there. And no meeting of the BCA… Read More

Birch recommends his own redistricting plan, reminiscent of co-chairs’s proposal

Yesterday, Tom Birch, the ANC2E commissioner in charge of the Ward 2 redistricting task force, submitted his own plan for the redistricting of ANC2E to the Council Subcommittee. This proposal, which still establishes two student SMDs, carves out… Read More

Phil Mendelson urges Zoning Commission to oppose the Campus Plan

Friday, At large Council-member Phil Mendelson (yes the same one who says the current redistricting plan is discriminatory) filed a letter to the Zoning Commission opposing the 2010 campus plan. He further writes that he is in agreement… Read More

Redistricting update: Where’s a Bastille when you need one?

Last Thursday, the working group for the redistricting of ANC2E voted to not reconsider their recommendation, which has been accused of gerrymandering students into illegally large districts.  The vote for reconsideration followed the same lines as the original… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: We hold these SMDs to be self-evident

Representation, Shmepresentation The biggest issue at last night’s relatively brief Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting was the presentation of the redistricting plan for open comment.  Commissioner Ron Lewis introduced the issue and the two proposals. He said that, although… Read More

Evans launches Ward 2 ANC redistricting

Yesterday, Georgetown’s Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) held a meeting at the John A. Wilson Building to kick off the Advisory Neighborhood Commission redistricting process. Mayor Vincent Gray signed the bill redrawing the city’s eight electoral wards last… Read More