D.C. Congressional Delegate introduces bill to strip NFL of tax-exempt status over Redskins’ name

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder isn’t convinced by the public outcry over his team’s racist name and he’s noted repeatedly that he will “never” change the name on his own. While Snyder clearly doesn’t care about looking like a bigot, he… Read More


Washington Post editorial board will no longer use the Redskins’ name

On August 22, the Washington Post‘s editorial board decided to stop using “Redskins” to describe D.C.’s friendly, more-than-a-little-racist neighborhood football team and joined a growing chorus of dissenting voices in the media and government about the controversial name. “We don’t… Read More


NPR is latest to tackle Washington Redskins’ name controversy: is the Voice next?

After the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected the use of “Redskins” for heart attack-inducing pork rinds and for potatoes, NPR released Wednesday a critical reflection on the morality of the media’s use of the controversial name. The reflection… Read More

District Digest: McAuliffe wins Virginia gubernatorial race

The grass isn’t greener across the Potomac Yesterday, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe won the hotly-contested race to become Virginia’s next governor, defeating his Republican rival, Kenneth Cuccinelli II. At midnight, with 99% of all electoral precincts reporting, McAuliffe… Read More

District Digest: Shutdown, Shutdown, Shutdown

No Money? Mo’ Problems Today marks day 16 of the government shutdown. Despite being financially hamstrung by Congress, the D.C. city government is up and running—increasingly, though, on fumes. D.C.’s $144 million contingency cash reserve fund was slated… Read More

District Digest: Shutdown hits District health center, Congressional beer prices

Shutdown hits health centers Mary’s Center, the second-largest medical provider for low-income patients in the District, has not yet turned away a patient seeking treatment but is feeling the strain of the federal government shutdown. Half of the… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: The Redskins lost the Super Bowl

Caught up in a Super Bowl tweeting frenzy, ex-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry takes a shot at Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder. Snyder’s feelings were hurt, although he was more offended by Barry’s inability to spell “Snyder” than the actual… Read More