Remix Your Spring Break: Don’t forget your hat

Vox‘s coverage next week will shift to the Big East Tournament in New York City, and most of the student body seems to be jetting off to some exotic location already, nevertheless this post is for those of… Read More

Societas Iesu: Vox previews Jesuit Heritage Week

This week, Georgetown is celebrating Jesuit Heritage Week, which highlights the University’s Jesuit community and Catholic identity. While the comprehensive schedule of events is available here, here we offer Vox‘s rundown of this week’s most notable events. Today at… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: New Wale + Three Fingers

Christmas is officially over; but, that doesn’t mean the Egg Nog should stop flowing. Holiday Cheer is perpetual in my book. And to commemorate continuous holiday cheer, snow-storms, and good remixes, I have a new Wale track along… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: The Weekend of Female Vocalists

I could have posted any of the numerous turbo-charged mashups/remixes out there this weekend, but instead I have opted to higlight two artists that have set the sphere (and my ears) a-blaze: female party-pop stars Kesha and Kid… Read More