Prefrosh Preview: Crime news you can use

Georgetown campus and neighborhood are relatively safe, but crime isn’t unknown: 820 property crimes and 83 violent incidents occurred last year, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. The island of misfit laptops The most common type of crime… Read More

Apple Store customer robbed on N Street

On Monday evening, a women was robbed by two unknown suspects on the 3300 block of N Street. The Metropolitan Police Department believes the woman was followed after she exited the Apple Store on Wisconsin Avenue, where she… Read More

Campus Crime Watch: Five more on-campus laptop thefts

View Campus Crime Watch: November 11-16 in a larger map 7:30 p.m. update: Three more laptop thefts have been reported since Tuesday. One was stolen from a Darnall dorm room while the victim was napping. Original post: Five… Read More

Campus Crime Watch: Pizza car theft, DUI, burglary

View Campus Crime Watch: November 2 – November 10 in a larger map In addition to the latest burglary and attempted burglary in Village A, this week saw a pair of bizarre automobile-related incidents: A pizza car hijacking… Read More

Another iPhone robbery on Wednesday afternoon in Volta Park

According to Metropolitan Police Department Second District listserv, a man was robbed yesterday afternoon in Volta Park. At approximately 4:10 p.m., the man was “approached by the first suspect, who attempted to steal his computer,” when the suspect… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: A night of bonds, crime, booze, and table tennis

Last night’s marathon Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting covered everything from crime to tree boxes. As always, we’ve picked out the meeting’s highlights just for you. Let’s get to the recap. The name is Bond. Revenue Bond. Linda Greenan,… Read More

Masked men rob armored car on Wisconsin Avenue across from BB&T

According to TBD, four masked men robbed an armored car on Wisconsin Avenue at approximately 2:20 p.m. this afternoon. The suspects, who escaped with the money, robbed the car when it was across the street from BB&T Bank…. Read More

Prefro … er, Frosh Preview: Crime news you can use

Just like last year, Vox has compiled a guide to “news you can use”, or in other words, an excessively comprehensive review of last year’s important news stories. Today, we cover the crime issues that made headlines. Sexual… Read More

Another violent robbery occurs in Burleith

Early on Sunday morning, a robbery occurred on the 3700 block of Reservoir Road NW. According to the Metropolitan Police Department incident report, an unknown suspect approached the victim at approximately 3 a.m. The suspect grabbed the victim… Read More

Two victims robbed and assaulted last weekend in Georgetown

Last weekend, two robberies occurred within blocks of Georgetown’s campus, according to a public safety alert released by Georgetown University’s Department of Public Safety. Metropolitan Police Department responded to both crimes. The first crime occurred on June 11,… Read More