SAFE referendum proposals pass by massive margins

After three days of voting, the three SAFE referendum proposals have passed by wide margins, according to the GUSA Election Commission. The success of the referendum means that GUSA will allocate $1.25 million to the Social Innovation and Public… Read More

This week in the Voice: January 26, 2012

In this week’s feature, Rachel Calvert reveals how the University transformed student enthusiasm for the Healy Pub into funds for its own project: the New South Student Center. After months of negotiations, in September, DeGioia effectively declared the… Read More

All three SAFE referendum measures cross the validity threshold

Roughly one day into voting, the three measures on the Student Activities Fee referendum have all crossed the GUSA-established threshold of 2000 votes that will make valid any of the measures that pass. As of  7:57 p.m., the… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Standing up for your right to sit down

Yesterday’s weekly meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association was short and sweet. One topic of discussion was the approval of the GUSA Fund’s allocation package, including a few requests by the Philodemic society. Every semester, Philodemic doesn’t… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: On-campus news you can use

Just like last year, Vox is helping you get on top of “news you can use” with an excessively comprehensive review of last year’s important news stories. You’ve already heard of foolish things former freshman have done. Now,… Read More

SAFE commission backs Healy pub, townhouse solar panels

The SAFE commission voted last night to allocate nearly all of its $3.4 million endowment to the creation of the Healy Student Space as part of its primary recommendation to GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations committee. The commission also… Read More

Student space an important goal at Endowment Commission town hall

The GUSA Endowment Commission held a town hall meeting on Saturday afternoon to address how to spend the $3.4 million made available by the SAFE reform passed this December. The commission’s chair, Andrew Curtis (MSB ’11), described to… Read More

Students, alumni launch campaign to bring back Healy Pub

In an email sent to the SAFE Reform Endowment Commission this morning, a number of current students and alumni, led by Matt Stoller (COL ’08), submitted a proposal to bring back the Healy Pub. The effort requests that the… Read More

Activities budget: Newspaper stands return, $250k for club sports

This morning, GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations Committee released its student activities budget for the 2012 fiscal year. Clubs requested more than $1.6 million in funding and received $800,000, as per the plan established in last semester’s Student Activities… Read More

Commission for SAFE reform membership announced

The Georgetown University Student Association announced the final composition of the Commission on Student Activities Endowment Reform this past weekend. The commission will be tasked with determining the allocation of the additional funds that are able to be… Read More