University relents, satellite campus option dead

The University confirmed today that it has officially tabled the satellite dorm option in favor of renovating the old Jesuit residences, Ryan and Mulledy, for student accommodations in order to satisfy the Campus Plan student housing requirements. This… Read More

University presents future housing options that could meet Campus Plan requirements

In a student engagement session last night, University administrators revealed a change in the discussion about the satellite residence that has been the scandal of the season: it is now a temporary option to house students while  on-campus housing… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Arts and crafts and politics, oh my

This week’s feature focuses on classes at Georgetown that are a hybrid between traditional disciplines and artistic approaches.  According to professors from a range of disciplines from Philosophy to Politics, perhaps it’s time to restructure how Georgetown teaches…. Read More

So, do you actually care about the satellite dorm thing?

There’s been a great hullaballoo over the news that the University is starting to think about considering an off-campus site for a new dorm, in order to help fulfill the Campus Plan housing requirements. Zach Singer (SFS ’15),… Read More

Administrators dispute what constitutes a satellite “campus”

Update, 6:07 pm: Vox received statements from Nate Tisa and Zach Singer (SFS ’15), GUSA chief of staff. Tisa didn’t take the accusation that he was mistaken lightly. “With all due respect, the university administration should stop playing word… Read More