LOC recommends University sever ties with Adidas

Georgetown’s Licensing and Oversight Committee recommended Friday that the University terminate its sportswear contract with Adidas no later than December 15, due to the company’s mistreatment of workers at an Indonesian factory. The LOC is a board of… Read More

University to administer USAID scholarships for indigenous Mexicans

On July 14, the U.S. embassy in Mexico announced the award of 63 technical school scholarships for students, teachers, and technicians from rural Mexico. Georgetown will administer the program under its Scholarships for Economic Education and Development. The… Read More

Georgetown lobbying to expand SEED program to the Andes

Georgetown University is lobbying Congress to extend the Scholarships for Education and Economic Development program into the Andes region of South America, according to publicly disclosed federal documents. The SEED program, which currently includes the Dominican Republic, El… Read More

Georgetown senior testifies before House Budget Committee

On Wednesday afternoon, Joe Hill (COL ’11) testified before the House Budget Committee during a hearing about the Perkins Loan Program. Hill, a Philadelphia native, attested to the benefits of the program that is set to be terminated… Read More

Georgetown boathouse lobbying gets a little more expensive

Georgetown must really want a boathouse on the Potomac. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the school spent at least $5,000 on lobbying efforts (PDF) ultimately aimed at getting the National Park Service to approve the proposed boathouse… Read More

Georgetown considers opening teaching hospital in Palestine’s West Bank

Pretty soon, the School of Foreign Service in Qatar might not be the only Georgetown outpost in the Middle East. According to lobbying disclosure reports filed by Georgetown, in the fourth quarter of 2009, a Georgetown employee met… Read More

Lobbying bill for Georgetown boathouse inches higher

A computer-generated image of the boathouse (on the left) Georgetown just wants to row, row, row its boats, spending as much as $5,000 from July to September lobbying for the right to build a boathouse on the Potomac,… Read More