Spotted: Two potential CAG security cameras on 34th and N Street

Get the flash player here: Recently, a Voice staffer discovered two suspicious-looking cameras peeping out of a house on the corner of 34th and N Street, about three blocks from campus. Careful where you stop to surreptitiously kiss your… Read More

Neighborhood group installing a host of cameras to prevent crime

The Citizen’s Association of Georgetown is in the process of installing security cameras throughout Georgetown in an attempt to discourage crime and catch wrongdoers. “We hope that it will be a deterrent in the neighborhood and that we’ll catch people,”… Read More

University to install security cameras in on-campus residence halls

During the next two weeks, security cameras will be installed in the entrances and exits of University residence halls. “Cameras will be aimed at entrances and exits and not at student rooms,” reads an email from Housing Services… Read More

GUSA Roundup: GU-SPAN and a diversity debate

At this week’s Georgetown University Student Association Senate meeting, the Senate voted down the only legislation that came up for a vote—institutionalizing GU-SPAN—but not before they had debated the measure extensively. After rejecting the legislation, the Senate turned… Read More

North Carolina State makes getting coffee even easier, if a little creepy

We know you got three shots of espresso. It’s on tape. This finals season, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the line at Midnight Mug went out the door before giving up a coveted spot on Lau 2?… Read More

Jeffrey Van Slyke’s parade of infamy continues

Darn it, Jeff. Freshmen are here on campus and I want to write about them, write some fun service journalism, but your checkered past is taking over the blog. When last we checked in with the new director… Read More

Cameras at Grab ‘n’ Go: Probably not going to happen

Excuse the tiresome meme, but a Leo’s employee whose name starts with an “R” and ends with an “mberto” was recently overheard arguing with a less sweater-loving cashier about security cameras in Leo’s. The latter was passionately supporting… Read More