Georgetown’s CAPS gives you 10 reasons to date instead of hook up

Sex Positive Week 2010—a week geared toward helping students feel comfortable talking openly about sex and sexuality—is wrapping up. For its part, the Voice was pleased to see the University fund SPW for a second year in a… Read More

Georgetown SAC approves University funding for Sex Positive Week events

On Monday, the Student Activities Commission heard proposals from the students planning Sex Positive Week, a weeklong series of events designed to encourage discussion about sex and sexuality at Georgetown University, and ultimately approved funding for all the… Read More

Students brainstorm for this year’s Sex Positive week

“An urban tantra workshop.” “An event in support of survivors of sexual assault and fighting rape culture.” “A forum on virginity and celibacy.” “An orgasm workshop.” Those are some of the events that the 20 students crammed onto… Read More

Phew! Georgetown not the only black sheep in the herd

Georgetown’s Sex Positive Week garnered a lot of attention, some of that being Catholic ire. Coupled with the vandalism of the statue of the Virgin Mary, Sex Positive Week led the Catholic blogosphere (oh, it exists) to blast… Read More

As promised, David Gregory’s original response to Sex Positive Week

In the comments section of Vox’s initial coverage of Sex Positive Week, someone asked we post David Gregory’s (COL `10) email to newspapers, students, and faculty members. All yours: Dear friends, I know a number of us have… Read More

Your guide to who’s who at Georgetown’s “Sex Positive” Week

The tamest of  “Torn about Porn”s images This week, GU Pride, United Feminists, and the Georgetown Solidarity Committee are co-sponsoring “Sex Positive Week,” brought to you by University money. That last part has irked a host of Catholic… Read More