Men Can Stop Rape workshop provides for open discussion on sexual assault and masculinity

Jared Watkins (COL ’11), the Development Coordinator of the D.C. non-profit group Men Can Stop Rape, led an interactive discussion Thursday night on perceptions of sexual assault and rape in today’s society in White-Gravenor. While the event was… Read More

SAPE furthers sexual assault dialogue with discussions for freshmen

Last night in a Darnall common room, Sexual Assault Peer Educators lead a discussion on sexual assault at Georgetown as well as beyond the Hilltop. The talk introduced freshmen to SAPE and their efforts to inform the student-body… Read More

Student groups host vigil against sexual assault in Red Square

How many Public Service Announcement reports about sexual assaults do you think you’ve gotten in your e-mail inbox over the last year? If you actually check your Hoyamail account, that answer probably ranges somewhere from “Too many,” to… Read More