Some news you might have missed while Vox was on break

McCourt gets more attention for his donation Frank McCourt‘s donation of $100 million to Georgetown’s new school of public policy was named the 10th most charitable donation in 2013, tying with 6 others. The list, made by the… Read More

SFS Qatar launches new Arabic-learning initiative

In late September, the Arabic Department of the School of Foreign Service’s Qatar campus announced plans to spearhead the development of a groundbreaking Arabic-learning program that targets students with backgrounds in Arabic language and culture, otherwise known as… Read More

University appoints new dean for SFS-Qatar

Several days after naming a new dean for the MSB, Georgetown has announced  the selection of Gerd Nonneman as the new Dean of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar, effective in September. Nonneman will succeed interim dean… Read More

SFS-Q holds third undergraduate commencement

Last Saturday, the Gulf Times reported that the Georgetown Unviersity University School of Foreign Service-Qatar had graduated its third class of undergraduates. As in previous years, University President John DeGioia delivered the commencement address to the class of… Read More

SFS-Q students launch political and literary magazine

Last Wednesday, students at Georgetown’s SFS-Qatar campus released the first issue of Diwan, a bilingual, student-run news and culture magazine. “The term Diwan is an Arabic word that refers to a collection of poems or scholarly articles by an… Read More

GU students evacuated from Cairo

In an email sent earlier this afternoon, Georgetown University president John DeGioia affirmed that the undergraduates studying at the AUC campus “are out of Cairo and have now landed safely in Qatar.” Getting the students out of Egypt… Read More

Does Georgetown want to build a campus in India?

SFS-Q may not be the only overseas Georgetown campus in the future, if Minister Kapil Sibal has anything to say about it. Last Wednesday, Sibal, who spoke at Georgetown in October 2009, met with Senior Vice President Spiros… Read More

SFS-Qatar: “Huge mistake” or valuable, unique addition?

Members of SFS-Q’s first graduating class Awhile ago, Fear and Loathing Georgetown, a blog maintained by an anonymous School of Foreign Service grad, posted a rant about how Georgetown creating SFS-Qatar was “a huge mistake.” The main points… Read More

Are SFS-Q students’ low SAT scores diluting the Georgetown degree?

The universities at Doha’s Education City, including Georgetown’s SFS-Qatar campus, are supposed to have the same admissions and academic standards as their home institutions.  It’s this presumed equivalence that allows them to issue the same degrees in Qatar… Read More

Monday Madlibs: Dream up your own interim dean

Earlier this week, Georgetown named Mehran Kamrava interim dean of the School of Foreign Service in Qatar. Not knowing much about SFS-Q or Dr. Kamrava, it seems like a pretty good fit given Kamrava’s impressive publishing record and… Read More